About us

What is the result when knowledge and know-how are combined with experience and multiplied by passion?

Individually each and every member of the TRAD3S corporate team has made a lot of kudos in the crypto space. Building trading software, seeking and finding the golden nuggets in, and enhancing algorithms. Or actively in unmasking and proving why some companies in the crypto/blockchain space are fraudulent.

Understanding and accepting each other’s core qualities we left all our EGO’s  at the door and collectively decided that the TRAD3S project should be the welcomed addition to the following;

– Knowledge of  BlockChain Technology
– Disruption of the status quo
– Access to a passive income

Realizing that the only constant in the market is the change we took a long thought on how we would behave as TRAD3S to the outside world. HOW CAN WE HELP YOU??

Looking at our company logo you see a triangle, Tri-Angle, as it stands for 3 things; Delta, change. Change as trade is constantly subject to change.  A triangle is the most powerful and mythical symbol of all symbols.   The three elements of the triangle make a figure 3. The triangle goes hand in hand with the number 3, pointing upwards it symbolizes fire, passion.

Emotionless action, with a team that is passionate about creating profitable software.

We are Trad3s, and we give substance to all of the above!

The 3-(E) which we explain as:

Existent: as in authentic, true, right and not falsified, honest without lies or deceit, evident as in clear, sunshine and obvious.

Ethical: Practical philosophy that deals with what is right and wrong and or morally acceptable and responsible.

Execution: as in execution, as in doing the job, delivering the promise.

Another triangle is that between the relation between TRAD3S Trader and the trades made. This threesome should create a win-win for all parties involved. Tradès is the Spanish word for transactions. Trades is also the Dutch word for Transactions and in English the same.

Mission & Vision


We see it as our mission to create ethical, transparent, authentic software that contributes to all points of our vision. Improving financial systems that make unmanipulated decisions for the empowerment of our customers. Executing trades based on predetermined variables in a constantly changing market. We bring the world a way to transact without the intervention of people and emotions. The basic principle from which we operate arises from the question that we ourselves and our customers ask: “How can we help you?”


Evidently the world needs Fair and Ethical transactions. Transactions between people, but also transactions between people and machines. Blockchain is a way to record transactions in a ledger for an eternal period of time, whereby at least 3 confirmations of any certain transaction are required to close it.

Our team

Mark Snijders

Look in the dictionary at visionary, and you see Mark! His brain is truly an uninhibited idea machine. These ideas are often born because hatches open from which the most beautiful stories arise. Mark soon embraced Crypto in the Netherlands. He has commercial insight as well as a very developed sense of justice. Not infrequently, he has taken on people who (would) have made life miserable for unsuspecting consumers. All these qualities together make Mark a driven person who will continue to come up with new ideas that make everyone’s life a lot easier and more pleasant. All these talents make Mark an all-connecting link within Trad3s.

Michiel Ton

If you start doing things you enjoy at a young age, then not one day looks like work, more motivated than many others, Michiel is obsessed with numbers. Creating pragmatic analyses and effective user-friendly solutions for telecom companies and nurseries. Diversity in processes and human interaction fascinates him. He makes difficult things easy and easy things automated. In the sauna, he gets ideas and rest. Knowing what you can do and even better, knowing what you can automate, makes Michiel an indispensable link within Trad3s.

Pierre de Wit

Years of experience in the B2C business make Pierre a person who understands customer processes. In addition, direct sales are accompanied by direct feedback, a free way to improve yourself. Pierre understands the art of testing this feedback against his own experience and coming up with solutions from there to give substance to the continuous improvement idea. Golfing is a way to clear his head and to take on the challenge with just yourself. A structured process approach, topped with years of experience, makes Pierre a real senior within Trad3s, who watches over the processes and adjusts where necessary.

Erik van der Heijden

Erik has a high sense of justice. Careful considerations instead of quick, thoughtless steps, that’s what Erik stands for. He oversees, maps, documents, and analyses in order to shape an experience step by step. The very best counterpart of commercial activity is Erik who unabashedly throws up some roadblocks just to talk about all different ways. Who can play the devil’s advocate to shed light on things from different angles, before putting something into the spotlight? In the air as a pilot, he feels freedom like no other. Accuracy, suffused with charismatic charm to make things run as smoothly as possible, makes that Erik ensures a balanced balance within the Trad3s team.

Ralph Meesen

Right time, right place, right people! That’s Ralph’s cup-of-tea, he understands the urgency and the need of connecting people to accelerate  business. As our main sales representative he is responsible for introducing and helping White Label Partners. Collecting questions, giving answers and exploring opportunities worldwide.  In his spare time Ralph loves to work in his garden, having things growing always seems to find its way in his life.  Seniority and curiosity make him the ideal connector.